Welcome to Office IQ 2001

We have designed Office IQ 2001 to be informative and as interactive as you want to be. You are in control at all times.

Register free

To get the most out of the site and its interactive features, you need to register. All this is totally free.

The project planner

Simply tell us when you want to complete your project, and we will show you when and how all the steps along the way should be done. Once you have registered you will be able to record the progress of your project, store useful information, and get advice on how you should tackle each stage.

Updating your profile

If any of the information that you enter (such as move dates) change after you have registered, you can update your profile by clicking the 'Update profile' link in the planner section submenu. Click the following link to update your profile now - Update your profile

E-mail reminders

We will e-mail you if we think you are falling behind the programme. All you then need to do is go back into your project planner and update your information.

IQ Checklists

All along the way we give you the opportunity to check you have not forgotten anything by offering you IQ Checklists. If you want, you can print each IQ Checklist onto your PC and refer to it at any time.

Or just browse

Alternatively you can browse through the pages of information as you wish, print the checklists and look at the listings of professionals and suppliers who may be able to help you with your project.