Press reaction to Office IQ

"Office IQ, the only website in the UK which provides comprehensive advice and guidance on every aspect of office relocation and reorganisation",
Practical Facilities Management, September / October 2001

"One advanced feature of Office IQ is the Interactive Project Planner. The user inputs start and end dates for a project and the site works out an optimum programme",, July 2001

"This free service helps relocate and reorganise your office using an interactive project planner. Actions can be planned and progress reviewed. A database of specialists helps create the team for a project",
Estates Gazette, July 2001

"Office IQ recognises the importance of communication. It forms and integral part of the [relocation] programme and provides checklists of communication media and subject matter",
Facilities Management, August 2001

"The Office IQ system is not the stuff of DIY, nor is it intended to replace facilities managers. The intention is to guide users through the relocation process and assist in getting the best from a professional team",
Facilities Management, July 2001

"The website contains a number of useful web applications including a space calculator, budget tool and project planner",
The Facilities Business, August 2001

"The design and high technology used in the implementation of Office IQ makes it an easy and reliable site to use throughout any office project and beyond",
FM UK, June / July 2001

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