Property professionals to offer Office IQ to their own clients

Organisations within the property industry can now license the entire content of Office IQ and host it on their own website – a ‘white label’ version. Office IQ is a comprehensive step by step guide to the entire process of office relocation and reorganisation written for the office occupier, not the industry professional. The white label would be completely rebranded to take on the hosts ‘look and feel.’ This results in the following benefits for the host:

  • A major extra service to offer to their clients
  • The chance to identify and contact companies with live relocation project
  • Major brand awareness
  • The content can be changed and enhanced according to the hosts requirements. Office IQ already has a Space Calculator and a Budget Tool which can come as part of this package.
  • Office IQ can act as a powerful platform to sell other related products and services, either for the host, or for firms with whom the host has a commercial agreement.

An Office IQ white label can be used to create a significant revenue stream, identify and capitalise on business development opportunities and act as a very powerful marketing tool.

Office relocation and reorganisation is a lengthy process which can take anything from several months to two years to complete. Any company using a project planner will therefore be visiting the website repeatedly throughout that period. This will result in significant impressions, hits and click-throughs, as this type of content is particularly ‘sticky’.

Anyone acquiring this content will be able to exploit this traffic, and the numerous opportunities within Office IQ, to cross-sell products and services across many divisions.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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