Welcome to Office IQ

Welcome to Office IQ - a free service to help you relocate or reorganise your offices - featuring our unique interactive project planner. Using Office IQ you can plan your actions, review your progress and refer to our checklists and glossary as well as download valuable tools to guide you through the whole process. Our database of professional advisors and suppliers will help you create the right team for your project.


Our unique interactive planner has been designed to help you with every aspect of your relocation or refurbishment. The planner is organised into key phases, each containing a number of relevant actions that need to be considered when planning your project. When you register and provide key project information such as required completion dates the planner will set a timetable for you with key dates for completing actions.
You can download interactive tools from the site to use on your desktop. These tools include a budgeting tool, space calculator and an offline checklist for the interactive project planner.
Our supplier directory contains a comprehensive list of professionals and suppliers across all industries and trades related to office relocation and refurbishment. You can search the directory and if you're registered store the details of suppliers on the website for future reference.


To contact us for help, more information of to discuss our confidential search facility, please contact David Atkinson on:

0207 953 7638